I've acquired a few new trinkets this week, and also a few new knits. the culprit is h&m.

I love to hoard vintage china, I blame my inner 80 yr old tendencies. I have a little (*cough* large) stash and it's been gathering dust lately so I've been trying to think up ways to utilise it.

it's not often I swatch a whole collection, but the latest A/W hyper gels are some of the best shades for winter I've come across... by far.

my inner child loved this diy a little too much! I was never interested in barbie dolls when I was young, building lego constructions to house my plastic farm animals was more my thing!

this is one of my favourite little projects I've done in a while, it's so simple and a wonderful way to make use of those shells you've collected on trips to the beach.

I'm usually a little reluctant to leave behind the pastel colours of summer but I've totally embraced darker shades for my nails this year, go me!



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