Good morning guys. I've got SO much to share from our home renovation (and life in general) but I thought I'd get you up to date with my latest DIYs before I deep dive into reno chat! 

It will come as no surprise that today's DIY is an IKEA hack. I think we can all remember a time when we owned a Billy bookcase right? well, this will be my third one and I wanted to give it a new lease of life. 

I adore reeded glass cabinets, and this is a great way to achieve the look of a high-end one at a fraction of the cost. I've used window film and a quick paint job to transform the look of a standard IKEA bookcase. 

Materials used:

Reeded glass film
BIN primer (the only one I'd recommend for painting IKEA surfaces)
Brass door handles

You can find the full reeded glass tutorial here and trust me when I say this glass film is top-notch (not like the antiquated patterned privacy film that you may have seen in the past!)

Let me know what you think..

Back soon

Caroline x


ikea hack cane bookshelves for nursery

i've been making some little changes around the house whilst we're on lockdown, there are so many things i want to do but having an energetic toddler means time for home improvements is v. limited! however there is one update that i wanted to share on here, a cute modification to the shelves in gabe's room.


diy house number sign with plants

Now that spring is here I've been keen to start a few outdoor projects, aside from our back garden (which seems to need an overhaul every year) one DIY idea that's been on my to-do list for a while is a house number sign. I've seen some v. cool ones and quite frankly our current house number is so damn ugly something needs to be done about it!


neutral nursery with cot
so i totally intended to share our nursery photos before gabe arrived but omg honestly i have no idea what happened but i never got around to it so here we are a few years later than planned! 


DIY ikea hack leather pulls

i'm obsessed with IKEA, it's no big secret that i go as often as possible and consider it a fun day out rather than a chore (unlike most people!) the beauty of their furniture is that is on-trend, practical and hugely affordable, but sometimes it's nice to personalise it so you don't have exactly the same things as everyone else right? meet these DIY leather pulls.. they're painfully easy to make and are a total upgrade on the rather basic fittings that come supplied.

IKEA HACK leather handles

you could use these handles on anything from kitchen cabinets, bedroom drawers or bedside tables to give them a whole new look with minimal effort.

pop over to read the full tutorial i've shared on hunker on making these DIY leather pulls and let me know if you try it on any of your flat pack furniture!

back soon

caroline x


modern cane necklace display

so, january has felt like a reallllllly long month so far.. right?? seriously, how is it not february? anyway, i thought i'd ease into 2020 with a simple DIY for this cane jewellery stand. i'm in a 'new year, new tidier me' frame of mind so it seemed appropriate.


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