a modern neutral nursery tour

neutral nursery with cot
so i totally intended to share our nursery photos before gabe arrived but omg honestly i have no idea what happened but i never got around to it so here we are a few years later than planned! 

but on a serious note i loved decorating this space soooo much, i'd always intended to have a really neutral style nursery whether we were having a boy or girl which made any decor decisions so much easier.
gender neutral nursery with wooden shelf

when we began decorating we had a few larger pieces of furniture already in the room that we had to decide whether to keep or replace. one was a large wooden chest of drawers and the other was a single bed. after a few hours on pinterest i decided to keep both as i figured that their natural untreated finish would be perfect fit for a slightly boho nursery (i've always loved the scandi feel of raw wood so it made sense to make it a feature) once we decided against classic white nursery furniture it made the other choices like which cot and shelves to buy really easy.
boho neutral nursery with wall art
brown letter board | granit

i get asked about our chest of drawers a lot on instagram, this large 6 drawer chest is the tarva from IKEA. it's a really handy size as we can fit all of gabe's clothes, bedlinen and blankets inside (it's now discontinued in the UK but is still available in the US last time i looked.) 

when it came to a colour scheme we wanted to incorporate a lot of natural tones in the accessories with earthy browns, terracotta and ochre top of the list. we're still considering about painting one statement wall in here with a really muted beige/sand shade but haven't taken the plunge yet.

neutral nursery bookshelves with colourful books

we got quite a few of our other nursery items from IKEA too including our cot (my favourite one was actually the cheapest one they offer at £40.) one of the ways we wanted to add some personality to the space was with some bookshelves, these flisat shelves were a perfect fit and create a sweet little wall feature.
gender neutral nursery with wall art and natural wooden cot
boho wooden peg rail in nursery
modern nursery decor with bookshelves and plants

storage is a never-ending battle in our house and the nursery is no different! gabe still tends to do most of his playing downstairs so luckily we don't have too many toys in the nursery at the minute. we love using these hay crates for toy and book storage as they stack easily (and the colours are cute.) 
modern nursery storage crates

we bought a few of these underbed storage boxes from IKEA which i tend to fill with toys and clothes gabe has grown out of. we also love these h&m wall pockets which remind me of the ferm living ones but at a fraction of the price (we hung one just next to gabe's cot which has worked a treat for keeping him occupied post-nap as he removes all of the toys to play with in his cot!)

modern nursery fabric pouch wall storage

we have a lot of blankets on rotation, our favourites being this one from jordling home and these quilted ones from sebra. we also have these gorgeous cot sheets from clementine kids (but annoyingly they were all in the laundry wash when i took these pictures.) 

i couldn't part with gabe's moses basket so it's become our soft toy storage. gabe's really into stuffed teddy's at the minute and it fits with the whole boho vibe so it's probably going to stay put.

modern nursery with book shelves
modern neutral nursery wooden drawers

wooden cot and neutral nursery decor

we wanted to keep the room quite natural and organic so we've got quite a few plants in here, luckily gabe hasn't ever paid too much attention to them (and when he has switching them to a different position always seemed to make him lose interest.)

nuetral nursery bedding
mirror (old urban outfitters)

we'd only just purchased this single bed when we found out we were expecting and it seemed a bit of a waste to let go it it so we decided to keep it in the nursery. turned out gabe was a pretty terrible sleeper for the first 9 months especially when teething so it was great to have the option to crash on it on nights we were up every few hours. (the cane headboard was a quick DIY makeover that you can find on my instagram highlights.)

modern nursery with childrens books

well that's about everything but let me know if i've missed something you were wondering about...

back soon

caroline x

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