DIY pegboard shelf

how to make a pegboard shelf

i'm a bit of a shelving geek, anyone else? i could literally spend hours arranging trinkets and candles on mine and they're one of my fave DIY's to make. (shelving is a classic weekend DIY project right?) 

DIY pegboard shelf , how to

i've been obsessed with pegboard for years, so cute, so functional what's not to love? (one of my fave DIY's is those giant pegboard walls i keep spying on pinterest.. sadly i don't have enough space in my studio at the minute) 

i love this cross between a regular shelf and pegboard, the inspiration came from this peg shelf on pinterest. what do you think?

i wanted to hang it in the kitchen but it doesn't really work with our decor in there so it's now found a home in gabe's nursery. (it fits in with the whole natural wood vibe of that room much better!)

pegboard shelf

it's a really easy project (especially if you get the wood cut for you at your local hardware store.) i've shared the step by step tutorial for the shelf over at hunker go take a peek.

i'm off to ikea tomorrow to grab a few items to finish gabe's room,  they have some seriously swoon-worthy rattan pieces in at the minute and i'm dying that i don't have any room in our home for them, gah! i'm also planning to pick up lots more plants and maybe some cinnamon buns? who am i kidding, defo those, lots of those.

hope you're having a good week so far, back soon!

caroline x

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