DIY easy modern wall art

diy wall art

i'm always drawn to bold graphic posters, they bring some much-needed colour and character to our bare white walls. however, when it comes to wall art no matter how much i buy i always seem to need more? i'm constantly trying to justify buying artwork but we recently splurged on a batch of new prints so i've reached my spending limit ... enter this DIY.

no paint wall art DIY

these prints don't require any painting, drawing or printing, in fact the hardest part is picking a colour scheme. (i went pretty neutral, i'm a little in love with all the earthy tones i'm seeing all over pinterest right now.) 

pop over to hunker to read how i made the cheapest, quickest and easiest wall art ever!

DIY easy modern wall art

i opted for a retro mid-century vibe, you can totally experiment with colour and shape to create your own totally unique designs. i'm super happy with how they turned out, they're a perfect addition to my growing wall art collection and they look really professional!

let me know if you try making some..

caroline x

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