DIY clay wall hanging

DIY brass and clay wall hanging

omg two blogs posts within a week, i'm on a roll! i think by now it's obvious that i'm rather partial to making things with clay (i mean it's basically play-doh for grown ups right?) so i decided to fashion a simple wall hanging in muted tones to match with my love of all things beige...

DIY boho wall hanging

i had gabe's nursery in mind when i made it, i really into using natural colours in his room but now it's finished i think it would work in most rooms in my home. 

DIY boho wall hanging

i've used fimo clay for this one, i love air drying clay but fimo was a better fit for this project as it's way more robust if you're trying to thread it with string or wire. i've shared the full tutorial over on the creative rox blog... go take a peek to see the step by step guide on how to make it!

back soon

caroline x

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