hello weekend

been a while since i've shared some links huh? sorry about that, i've missed it so here i am again!

so i have a pretty chilled weekend ahead fingers crossed, thanks to a week of torrential rain (apparently the weather did not get the memo that's it's june) we're all just relieved that it's dry enough to take gabe out to play at the park and stretch our legs again. i've actually managed to remember that it's fathers day on sunday so of course i've got to panic buy (or make?) something last minute for my pops (and gah, also for james! i still find it strange buying fathers day gifts for anyone other than my dad, is this normal?)

we're hoping to squeeze in some chill time catching up on tv when gabe has gone to bed in the evenings, we've fallen behind on so many series we've resorted to writing up a list of shows we've not finished to encourage us to cram them in before the next series arrives.

hope you've got something nice planned for the days ahead? here's some stuff i've liked and watched this week.

- one of the best shows i've seen in years, just brilliant.

- a brilliant rented home tour series from medina.

- these DIY's are fuelling by rainbow obsession!

another must watch, although i can't watch it late as it makes me so incredibly angry i can't sleep!

- trying to change some of my habits (particularly regarding single-use plastic and food waste) and this post by sophie has been a great starting place. 

- a super cute fathers day DIY!

back soon

caroline x

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