DIY rainbow wall art

DIY rainbow wall art

i've been making a bunch of stuff for gabes' nursery lately aaaaand i keep meaning to share it with you guys and then get tied up doing mum stuff or watching trash tv and yep bad. 

however, i finally remembered to document making something so here we are, hurrah! as you know i love muted earthy tones (especially now those autumnal months are creeping in) i keep seeing rainbow decor allll over my pinterest feed so i wanted to make some ornaments that i could hang in gabe's room to add a little extra cuteness. 

(be warned my rainbow aesthetic is more brown than bright)

rainbow wall hanging


craft knife
rolling pin

step 1. roll out your clay to about 5mm thick. I'm using this air dry clay. i ordered terracotta clay instead of white by mistake and wow i'm happy about it, terracotta clay fits my colour scheme waaay better. 

(it does however get on your hands so you'll need to give them a quick wash afterward!) 

diy clay rainbow

step 2. grab a craft knife and cut rainbow shapes into the clay. i've cut them freehand and tried out a few different rainbow/half moon shapes.

rainbow decor

step 3. poke a few holes in the top and/or bottom of each rainbow so you can thread string through them later. 

leave them to dry out, this can take a few days depending on how thick the clay is.

rainbow aesthetic decor

step 4. once dry you can decorate them. take some acrylic paint and start playing around with colour combinations that suit you. (i'm all for ochre and brown at the min.)

DIY rainbow wall art hanging

i also tried out some more blue-toned rainbows but i'm not so into them!

rainbow wall decor

it's definitely easier to decide if you're going to hang them individually or in a row before you start so you know where to make the thread holes in advance (i made a few unnecessary holes that i patched up and painted over later!) 

rainbow wall hanging

thread them with string to hang!

rainbow decor, rainbow aesthetic

cute huh?

back soon

caroline x

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