DIY textured clay planter

DIY clay planter

this is a sponsored partnership with creative rox.

hey guys, i've been meaning to share this project for a while (i can't believe it's almost october... gah!) if you didn't already know i'm totally having a moment with clay, it's such a versatile material and i'm a huge fan of both polymer and air-dry clay for my projects.
i have a big collection of plants at home and i love to make my own decorative planters for them (especially for my cacti and succulents which don't need much tlc)

today i've teamed up with creative rox to show you how to make this cute textured planter that you can pop your plant babies into for some instant style! plus, to celebrate the launch of their new website you can grab 10% off the materials to make your own using the code BURK10 until sept 30th.

3D planter diy

materials needed:
rolling pin

step 1. roll out your clay using a rolling pin. (you want the clay to be approx 5mm thick once rolled.)

step 2. take a craft knife and using a ruler cut a rectangle into the clay. (i cut my rectangle to measure 5 x 12 for my planter.) remove the excess clay and put it to one side.

air dry clay diys

step 3. roll the excess clay back into a ball before rolling it out once again. next you need to cut out a circle for the base of the planter, you can either do this freehand or use something round like a coaster as a template.

DIY air dry clay planter
step 4. cut out your circle and put the excess clay to one side (keep it wrapped to stop it drying out whilst you work.)

DIY textured clay planter
step 5. take your clay rectangle and wrap it around the circular base. smooth out the joints with a little water.

air dry clay
step 6. take a small piece of spare clay and roll it into a long thin sausage shape.

DIY clay planter
step 7. place it inside the planter where the base meets the sides. you're going to use it to bridge the joints, use your fingers to smooth the clay into the joints to seal the planter.

step 8. roll out the remaining clay and cut out lots of small rectangles with your craft knife (you could use other shapes like circles or stars if you wish!) wet the shapes and stick them to the side of your planter by pressing them into place in a pattern of your choice.

diy clay projects
leave your planter to dry out fully (this can take a few days.) you can seal it with some spray varnish or paint it if you choose. as it's a decorative planter you can't really afford to let it get wet for long periods so i recommend cacti or plants that don't like too much water (or just leave your plants in their original plastic pots so you can easily remove them when you need to water them!)

DIY clay planter
if you try making one let me know!

back soon

caroline x

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