DIY drawer dividers

drawer divider diy

nothing gets my inner neat freak stirred up like a junk drawer. we all have them right? they start out semi-tidy, a place to throw keys and items that don't have a home but they always end up becoming a hot mess of random (and mostly useless) stuff!

i've been on a huge declutter mission lately, you might remember my hidden door storage and small storage hook shelf DIYs? well, this is another quick little project to help make your home a little more organised, drawer dividers! 

trust me, nothing feels better than getting rid of a junk drawer. i had one in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (i'm totally guilty of sweeping everything into a drawer when i'm doing a quick surface tidy!)

DIY drawer dividers

you can grab boxes and dividers at ikea but they often don't fit my mid-century or vintage furniture and i wanted something that was more of a custom fit. 

these do-it-yourself balsa wood dividers are quick and easy to make and fit perfectly. organising my stuff just got a whole lot cuter and you can find the DIY over at hunker!

go take a peek and let me know if you try making some too..

back soon

caroline x

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  1. I would like to be as orderly as you!!,but I'm trying



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