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i'd been feeling the urge to update our bedroom recently, nothing too drastic just a few changes here and there to make things feel fresh again. i wanted to create a focal point, usually, i'd opt for hanging a gallery wall but i wasn't 100% sure that was what i wanted this time around. after a lot of indecision about shelving features i decided to install some picture ledges instead. ledges are a simple way to create a focal point that's a great alternative to a gallery wall. (they're also a foolproof way to curate an ever-changing display that you can refresh with new trinkets, vases or artwork... ideal for someone like me who gets bored of their decor quite quickly!)

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ledges are typically much narrower than shelves making them useful for a wall that has a lot of traffic and ideal in smaller spaces. the lip at the front edge stops prints or magazines from sliding off and keep vases in place too. if you're not that confident at hanging framed prints ledges are a good solution (and you'll have a lot fewer holes that need filling if you move things around!) if you live in a rented property they're a quick way to inject personality into a room without too much drilling.

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you may have noticed the gorgeous selection of prints on my shelves? well, i've been lucky enough to partner with desenio to give you some tips on styling your own picture ledges! read on for a few suggestions that help me when i'm faffing with my shelf displays...

how to style shelves

- pick a focal point.

this is the most important element to styling, select a key piece for each ledge that will act as the anchor for everything else. framed prints or posters are a natural choice, i've selected a few key posters for my shelves and then worked everything else around them.

for the top shelf i've selected this blush/dusky pink line drawing called abstraction as the main focal point, i like how this poster comes with a white border so it looks really professional framed. for the bottom shelf i picked a bolder option called geometric face no2. i loved its striking design and i was really impressed with the quality of the print and paper.

how to style picture rails

once you've picked a focal point like a framed poster, place it on the ledge. i always go a little off centre (especially if it's one of the largest items.) then start to fill the surrounding space with items.  i like to add in items of varying heights so the eye travels up and down and it moves along the shelf. i might place a medium sized vase next to a large print and then have a smaller trinket on the other side to balance the composition. leave some space between the items and then gradually layer up the arrangement until you're happy with it.

i like to use smaller prints or poster like painted lines no3 to add little areas of interest. i love this delicate line drawings as it works really well alongside bolder abstract prints. i've dotted smaller items like swatches or paint charts along the ledge to bring some depth to the arrangement.

interior styling tips

- pick a theme or colour.

selecting items that work together really gives a ledge cohesion. i've been incorporating a lot of calming beige and rich tobacco shades into our bedroom so i wanted to keep this colour theme running through our picture ledges. desenio have a huge selection of on-trend posters so it didn't take me long to pick out these classic illustrations that work so well together. 

one of my favourites was brush lines no1 i'm a huge fan of the interior trend for faces in decor and the colour is a great match for my room.

how to style your shelves

 - gather up your materials.

Round up all the items you have before you start styling your shelves, it's easier to group things together when you can see how much you have to work with! i like to work with candles, ceramics, vases, magazines, interesting trinkets and plants. Paint charts or fabric swatches are also a nice addition that really help to tie together a colour theme. dried flowers or grasses can add beautiful textural elements to a shelf as well.

as a general rule, i find it works really well to style small clusters (or vignettes) in odd numbers. For example, grouping together a framed print with a candle and vase. i often find ledges look so much better when they're not too symmetrical and ordered!

styling a shelf

what do you think about my choices? i'm sure i'll be playing around with the arrangement soon but i'm so happy that i decided to add this picture ledge feature!

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