DIY cane jewellery stand

modern cane necklace display

so, january has felt like a reallllllly long month so far.. right?? seriously, how is it not february? anyway, i thought i'd ease into 2020 with a simple DIY for this cane jewellery stand. i'm in a 'new year, new tidier me' frame of mind so it seemed appropriate.

as you know i'm a huge fan of cane furniture (see this DIY cabinetcane sideboard and bedside table as evidence) so i have plenty of cane offcuts that i've been hoarding in my studio. i've been meaning to organise my jewellery collection lately but never quite got around to it (does anyone else possess a special talent for tangling up necklaces or is that just me....?) with that in mind i figured the best way to use up my cane offcuts was on some smaller projects and a simple jewellery stand seemed an ideal place to start.

modern cane jewellery display

i had a few additions to my necklace collection over christmas (thank you santa) and i have kindly been gifted some pieces also. one of which was the luna lock necklace* from daisy jewellery who have a gorgeous range of jewellery gifts. i also got some basic gold chains for layering up from my parents and some new rings that i'm determined to wear daily and not just save for just special events!

while the idea was fresh in my mind i decided to make a stand to display my necklaces to encourage me to wear them more often. (as a mum i often wear minimal or no jewellery as i'm always in such a rush but i miss the ritual of adding finishing touches to an outfit!) 

it only took me about 30mins to make both of these cane covered plywood stands making this a perfect weekend DIY. you'll need the following materials:


step 1. cut your plywood into triangles. (i had some ply offcuts leftover from bigger builds so i just quickly cut some down with a handsaw.)

how to make jewellery stand

step 2. using scissors trim the cane until it's roughly the same size as your ply triangle.

step 3. cover the back of the cane in super glue and press it onto the plywood. weigh the cane down with a couple of books whilst it dries.

step 4, once the glue is dry trim off any cane excess.

cane jewellery stand, modern cane furniture

it's a really simple project but i love the natural texture of the cane and think it works so well.

minimal jewellery stand display

lots of people have asked me on instagram where i source my cane from. for larger projects, i tend to order online from this company but i've also found cane on amazon and fred aldous. hope that helps!

let me know if you try making some...

back soon

caroline x

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  1. These are so cute! I love how they turned out!




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