DIY embroidery hoop planter

embroidery hoop hanging planter
modern hanging planter diy

hey guys, i'm back today to share a cute and simple project.. a modern planter made from embroidery hoops. when i decided to use hoops for a DIY it was an easy choice for me to make them into a hanging planter (i'm a huge fan of filling my home with greenery but my shelves are at capacity so hanging them is an ideal solution.) plus, embroidery hoops are super versatile, from table centrepieces to wreaths or jewellery displays they're always handy to have in your craft stash.

so let's get started! you'll need the following materials (don't forget you'll get 10% off with the code BURK10)

1. unscrew the embroidery hoops and remove the inner rings.

2. find a plant pot that sits snugly into the small 13cm hoop.

3. squeeze a dab of hot glue onto the side of the small embroidery hoop.

4. press one of the large hoops onto the glue to secure it.

5. dab some glue on the opposite side of the small hoop.

6. attach the remaining hoop and glue along the joints where they meet. leave to dry, if you feel it needs it you can add extra support at the joints by tying some fine string around the hoops.

7. cut off a meter of macrame cord. (double this if you want a longer cord for hanging.)

8. loop the cord through the top of the hoops.

9. wrap the cord around the hoop 4 times.

10. tuck the ends of the cord through the centre of the hoops.

11. to create a hoop for hanging the planter tie a loose knot halfway down the remaining cord (don't pull this knot closed.) 

12. thread the loose ends through the centre of the knot

13. wrap the ends around the cord several times below the knot.

14. tuck the ends back through the initial knot.

15. pull the knot tightly closed and trim off the excess cord. 

your planter is now ready to hang, simply pop in your plant pot!

modern hanging planter embroidery hoop
embroidery hoop crafts
embroidery hoop projects

back soon

caroline x

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  1. Such a simple and beautiful idea! Planning to make some of these for my kitchen :)




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