rattan bedside table IKEA hack

cane furniture ikea hack

my name is caroline and i have a rattan addiction... seriously, i just can't help myself. since cane furniture can be ridiculously expensive i'm finding it impossible to resist DIY-ing my own with the help of some cane webbing. it's easy to source and gives you so many options for giving your furniture a quick makeover.

this table is the most basic of IKEA purchases.. a £12 nesna nightstand. (yup, £12. not exactly breaking the bank right?) 

nesna ikea hack cane furniture
rattan bedside table ikea hack
ikea hack nesna table

i'm so happy with my new boho addition i had to share it... you can find the step by step tutorial for how i made it over on hunker.. go take a look at how easy this IKEA hack was to achieve!

caroline x

ps. if you're looking for cane webbing in the UK this is where i source mine.

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