diy | animal keyrings

my inner child loved this diy a little too much! I was never interested in barbie dolls when I was young, building lego constructions to house my plastic farm animals was more my thing!

when I spotted this project on pinterest from the lovely gingersnaps it immediately went on my to do list.. looks like I still not outgrown my love of plastic animals after all!

making keyrings is always fun and these are so easy! take some small screw hooks and twist them into the back of the animals ( animals were harmed in the making of this diy) these screws give you something to attach your keys too and also something to hold onto whilst you paint them!

I painted mine with some acrylic paint, but you could also use spray paint! you can find safari/farm animals easily online, mine came from eBay (I didn't already own them *cough*  honest.)

if you wish you can seal the painted animals with clear varnish or spray sealant to help prevent chipping (I've used an acrylic spray to seal mine.) if you don't have any varnishes you could try painting them with a few coats of PVA glue instead.

attach your keys to the hook and you have some cute little friends to throw in your handbag!

easy peasy huh? would you be tempted to make some of your own?

back soon!

caroline x