nails | models own hyper gels for a/w

it's not often I swatch a whole collection, but the latest A/W hyper gels are some of the best shades for winter I've come across... by far.

above is ebony green and it's a knockout, I'm not one for green polishes as a general rule but this has really turned my head. it's a perfect colour for this time of year and super glossy to boot.

inky blue is a deep navy blue shade after two coats, a great alternative to those pastel baby blues of the summer. I'm a sucker for navy polishes so this will be a regular contender when I paint my nails.

raven red is a really sumptious, rich shade, one I'd definitely reach for on nights out. for me this is a great alternative to one of my all time favourites colours -nails inc victoria (but a third of the price!) 

pitch purple is nice and glossy after two shades, I'm surprised at how much I liked this one as purple isn't always for me!

last up is brunette red which I think is a solid all rounder for winter, although I'm more keen on the darker raven red I really like this one against my skin tone.

overall the formaulas are very nice indeed; good opacity and shiny as an oil slick. 

at just shy of £5 these are absolutely a winner in my book!

have you tried any of these yet?

caroline x