diy | bunny trinket dish

I love to hoard vintage china, I blame my inner 80 yr old tendencies. I have a little (*cough* large) stash and it's been gathering dust lately so I've been trying to think up ways to utilise it.

I saw some animal trinket dishes on asos recently and thought why not try my hand at a diy version! 

this might just be the worlds easiest do it yourself! take an old plate (mine was 50p from a charity shop) a small animal figure and some glue.

I've used a small plastic rabbit which I painted white (you can use spray paint or acrylic paint) then I glued the rabbit onto the middle of the plate using some strong glue!

leave to dry and you have yourself a cute little trinket plate! 

I'm always leaving rings scattered around the house so I've been using mine to hold jewellery and keys. 

would you be tempted to try it too? let me know if you do!

back soon!