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I've acquired a few new trinkets this week, and also a few new knits. the culprit is h&m.

last year I kinda fell out of love with h&m, for months on end nothing really moved me and I found myself skipping them on my list of shopping destinations. then all of a sudden POW.. I can't stop buying EVERYTHING! (case in point all the knitwear)

from the biggest snuggest roll necks to knee skimming chunky sweaters I can't seem to stop myself justifying buying another godamn jumper. 

I also recently discovered their home section... RIP to all the money I'm about to spend.

I've also been adding to my print collection, I loved this simple geometric print so snapped it up (plus I figured it was too girlie so the bf wouldn't object) I've been looking at oodles of artwork for the house, one of my other favourites is laura's prints which I'll be ordering when I get some more frames (more is more when it comes to picture hanging in my book!)

vintage handbag

I found this little vintage satchel bag hidden away in a local vintage shop.. WIN!

one of my favourite childhood memories was our ferry trips back and forwards to ireland. our car journeys consisted of my dad playing elton john's greatest hits while we made up our own lyrics and sang out of tune. I've been reliving the good old days buying up the old records my parents used to play us... and still singing out of tune.
learning to knit

yep I'm getting old. 

learning to knit is on the agenda (don't tell anyone but I'm really excited about it)

every year my family ask what I'd like for christmas, and every year I can't think of a single thing
(funny as 11 months out of the year I could produce a wishlist as long as my arm!)

in terms of getting organised the greedy book has been my favourite discovery this month, you create a book and add items from any site online. like pinterest you just click the bookmarked button and it will add whatever you're browsing into your book/wishlist. I'm creating a private book for presents I intend to buy family and friends as it's much easier than going through oodles of bookmarks and everything is all neat and tidy (words dear to my OCD heart.)

there are some obvious personal perks.. when my bf asked what I'd like for christmas I sent him over the link to my wishlist and he practically chocked on his cuppa. I'm pretty sure he's working on his own list of revenge so I'm certain payback is on it's way... dammit. if you want to have a nosey my greedy book is here.. but be warned making them is pretty addictive.

back soon.. 

caroline x