new in | lomography camera

diana mini en rose | truffle shuffle*

I spend a lot of my time either taking pictures or editing them. I adore my trusty nikon but my love of all things retro meant I was hooked when I discovered lomography. 

I couldn't resist showing you my new baby, the diana mini! it's perfect for slipping in my handbag and that big ol' flash is just the greatest thing ever. this one takes a 35mm film and has two different photo formats.. but specifications aside it's a beauty! the thing I love about these cameras is the freedom, nothing is perfect. plus I adore getting films puts the fun back into snapping for me!

this little lady is from truffle shuffle - one of my favourite online stores (lets face it anyone who sells goonies tees and 80's memorabilia rank highly with me.) they have oodles of gifts including these lomo cameras, if you're a sucker for nostalgia I guarantee you'll lose a good hour of your life reliving your childhood on there.. 

do you like these cameras.. have you tried them yet?

caroline x