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I don't spend as much time in my kitchen as I'd like too - but hot dang I still like to buy things for it! I picked up a few new additions including these cute little cath kidston storage tins. I have to say they're really handy for stashing chocolate bars away from james (my bad) and also for hoarding more mundane things like teabags. 

retro cereal tin | amazon

I'm a sucker for anything retro so I couldn't resist this storage tin! I use it to store big batches of homemade granola but you could use it for cereal too, there are lots of different designs on amazon if you fancy a gander. 

burger timer | tiger stores
face mug | tiger stores

these wicked mugs are from rude, their range for urban outfitters is full of bright and quirky prints -this duo have brightened up my morning cuppa no end! 

no *cough* grown up kitchen is complete without a hamburger timer right? damn you tiger store for your endless random temptations.

tray | the range

on a rather more useful note I did pick up a wooden tray to encourage james to make me breakfast in bed more often (a girl can dream..) 

I really want to renovate my kitchen but it's such a big job I'm having to put it on the back burner for a little while.. in the meantime I find adding in some new trinkets helps take the edge off (I think I have decorating withdrawals.. send help!)

back soon

caroline x