what I wore: abstract + alexa

paint animal shirt: topshop
jeans: topshop
alexa bag: c/o pauls boutique
name necklace c/o chelsea doll
watch: stolen from bf
lolita 60's sunglasses: topshop

oh dear, I couldn't resist wearing my new sunglasses when a whole ten whole minutes of sunshine arrived.. it lashed it down with rain an hour later.. that will teach me aha!

I've been looking forward to wearing this topshop shirt, I loved it's abstract print which reminded me of my old paintings from art school (plus I always heart a geeky button up shirt so it was purchased in record time.) my bag is the other item I've been itching to wear.. it's from pauls boutique who've just had a huge re brand.. (I remember wearing my badge covered bright green PB bag at school and thinking I was pretty much the coolest cat in town aha!) but now they're back with a slicker, on trend range that suits me perfectly now I'm older. this little suede alexa number is the sexiest thing to ever grace my hip and it comes in pure black leather too..purrrr.. their new arrivals are well worth a peek!

you can see a little bit of my new name necklace but I have another post with some better pictures of it coming up so you can see it properly.. I'm obsessed with personalised things so I'm really pleased with it!

in other news I've busy trying to get the last few bits done in the house so I can show you around the new pad! first stop is filling my two dozen empty picture frames with actual photos.. it's been so long since I've had normal 5x7 pictures developed that I'd forgotten that pictures weren't always square.. wow, instagram you've ruined me.

back soon

caroline x

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  1. Completely lusting over that shirt!

  2. Really funky sunglasses and gorgeous shirt x


  3. Gorgeous top!


  4. in LOVE with that top, stunning outfit :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  5. That shirt is just sooooo awesome! x


  6. Such a funky top! Love the subtle masculine silhouette~



  7. I love that shirt, the print is striking yet subtle in the way it does so.


  8. The accessories really make this outfit. Wild patterns are often hard to accessorize with me, but I really like what you put together.

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  9. that top is so cool! perfect for the summer sun when it comes back! x

  10. oh caroline, we do bloody love ya. looking like the ultimate babe and my, the alexa bag is a beauty isn't she? thanks for featuring us.



  11. Love that shit, fabulousness <3

    Wild Wolfy
    Sil xx

  12. Caroline your outfit posts are forever inspiring me to want to take better photos. Love the locations and you have amazing style :) xx

  13. Amazing colours there! This outfit is so vibrant :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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