diy | handmade shell candles

this is one of my favourite little projects I've done in a while, it's so simple and a wonderful way to make use of those shells you've collected on trips to the beach.

I saw this idea on pinterest and couldn't wait to try it, I'm a sucker for burning candles (especially at this time of year) but if you're feeling generous enough to part with them they'd make cute stocking fillers.

try and use deep shells that sit upright, the deeper they are the longer burning time you'll have.  I love hunting for shells at the beach so these came from my last holiday but you'll find plenty of them online if you don't have a stash to hand! I've use pre waxed wicks so all I had to do was glue them into the centre of the shells.

when the wicks are secure you'll need to gently melt the wax over a low heat. I've used a plain bag of wax pellets but you could used coloured wax too. 

cover your surfaces with newspaper first, if the shells are a little wobbly prop them up with some blu-tac or balance them over an eggcup before you pour in the hot wax. leave the wax to cool fully before you move them.

voila, easy peasy sea shell tealights! 

perfect for dressing up a table arrangement or even accessorising a bathroom, when they've burnt out just remove the old wick and refill them again..

what do you think.. would you try this little DIY?

caroline x