home | new additions

you know when you get something new and can't wait to tell everyone about it? yep that pretty much sums up this post. I had a few new home additions this week and well if I'm honest I was itching to share them!

DIY abstract painted tableware

I've been really looking forward to sharing this DIY with you guys! I've never painted ceramics before (legit. so. much. fun.) it's perfect for updating plain old tableware and the possibilities are endless..

new in | skateboard bench

my inner skater girl is so happy right now... wink. I should clarify I'm not a skateboarder, I attempted it once and lets just say my ankles narrowly escaped a sprain and my dignity was more than a little bruised #clumsyforlife

a skateboard bench on the other hand- pure delight! super cool and minus the danger of spending the night in A&E..

DIY hanging flower display

I've been hoarding test tubes since I made my hanging vases a few weeks back. I figured I should whip up some kind of flower display with them -they're so dang cool it would be a shame to waste them!

home | seriously affordable wall art

I'm always on the hunt for prints to hang on my walls (even though I'm fast running out of space to put them..) so when I stumbled across these posters and maps for under £5 I snapped them up in a heartbeat. 

technically they're labelled as decorative wrapping paper but I wouldn't dream of using them to wrap gifts! they're printed on italian paper and the quality is really good. I thought I'd share them in case any of you were looking for something similar!

new in | recent purchases

james and I went away this weekend and I wanted to pop to a few shops I don't have locally. I've been quite restrained lately trying to only purchase items that I'll wear often- I've realised that 90% of wardrobe is overlooked in favour of grabbing a basic tee and jeans for daily wear. I guess I'm a creature of habit!

DIY honeycomb shelves

this post has been brewing for an awfully long time.. I have a special talent for forgetting to photograph some of my DIY's!

new in | the hepburn

after a busy week and james being away in germany I've not had as much time to work on projects as I'd like, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon but in the meantime I wanted to share my latest home addition, the VQ hepburn radio! 

DIY leather and clay hanging planters

last week I decided to utilise my alcoves with some hanging planters, I'm running out of room to display my plants (and always looking for an excuse to squeeze in more!) clay is such a versatile material I seem to keep coming back to it, but for quick little projects like this it's a total hero of mine.

4 ideas for decorating with plants

you might have guessed that I'm a little bit enamoured with plants by now? my house has become somewhat of an urban jungle (james has long given up on rolling his eyes when I bring home another plant.) I will squeeze a plant into any nook I can find, nothing beats bringing the outdoors inside for me.