DIY abstract painted tableware

I've been really looking forward to sharing this DIY with you guys! I've never painted ceramics before (legit. so. much. fun.) it's perfect for updating plain old tableware and the possibilities are endless..

when we first moved in we stocked up on allll the basic ikea plates and accessories (we've all done that right?) but we're entertaining people more often so I wanted to jazz up our rather boring plate selection!

I had some mini ceramic paints in my craft stash which were long overdue an outing. I decided to paint a loose brushstroke effect on my white plates -you can't really go wrong with this design and abstract art is my fave.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, the haphazard brushstrokes and bright shades were just what I had pictured, huzzah!

the best part? anyone can make them.


ceramic paint 
plain plates

there's no pattern to follow here- the more abstract the better in my book. use bold strokes to apply the colour and build up the layers.

the more colours you add the more depth you'll create, I found they came out best when I didn't hesitate and quickly swiped the paint over the surface. overlap the strokes in different directions and splatter on some paint to mix things up!

when you're happy with the plates bake them in the oven according to the manufactures instructions (if your type of paint requires this.) don't take them out of the oven when they're finished- just switch it off and let them cool down naturally on the shelf!

I decided to celebrate my new tableware with croissants- yep, forever finding new ways to sneak flaky pastry into my week.

if you're bored of your tableware this is a great DIY to play with- would you be tempted to try it too?

back soon!

caroline x