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you know when you get something new and can't wait to tell everyone about it? yep that pretty much sums up this post. I had a few new home additions this week and well if I'm honest I was itching to share them!

I know I know, another vintage radio? well unlike my hepburn this is pretty old school and you have to manually tune the stations. I found it in a charity shop for £10 (hurrah) even though it works I really bought it as a decoration piece, cute huh?

in other exciting news my gold art print* from la la land arrived! I've been counting down the days until it landed and I'm so pleased with it. they have some wicked quotes available in this gold foil lettering (being a princess I went for the custom option so I could pick my own quote!) 

you can pick them up from £12 here!

I loved this glass teapot and wooden serving platter from one of my fave shops for gifts- tiger store. 

I'm quite  bored of our kitchen at the minute, I'd like to rip it out next year and redesign the whole space but until we reach that point I'm going to slowly collect pieces that fit in with my plans for the future design. I'm hoping to have a very natural and scandi feel- lots of chunky wooden and stone accessories, plants (of course) and marble.

well I'm off to test out my new teapot, there may be cake eating involved.. winner!

back soon

caroline x