DIY pineapple magnets

it's been a while since pineapples have made an appearance on the blog so I figured I should rectify the situation! these dinky little magnets are an easy project to jazz up your fridge or memo boards plus they'd be cute presents for stationery lovers (and who doesn't love stationery right?)

these are a perfect afternoon project so grab a cuppa and read on for the how to!


first up, your plaster mix. add cold water to the dry mix until it reaches a nice creamy consistency and then pour it into the mould to set. if you don't have the patience of a saint I recommend using a pineapple ice cube tray -that way you can pour a dozen of these magnets at once!

I just had one teeny mould so I had to wait for one to dry before I could make another.. 

after you've poured in the plaster give the mould a few sharp taps to remove air bubbles and wait for the plaster to harden.

after your pineapples have set pop them out of the mould and grab your spray paint! paint those little babies gold and wait from them to dry (it doesn't take long.)

cut your magnetic tape to the width of your pineapples, peel off the adhesive backing and stick them onto the back!

now you can get busy arranging your photos on your fridge! I've used mine with my mini polaroid instagram snaps..

would you be tempted to make them too? if pineapples don't tickle your pickle there's a whole variety of fruity shaped ice cube moulds out there so you can make a different version to mine...

well I'm off to bury my head in a massive to do list, I'm going home to ireland this week so I've got some serious DIY'ing and editing to do over the next few days if there are going to be any blog posts in the next fortnight! I started this morning off by locking myself out of the house so I've had a rather disastrous beginning to my productive sunday.. send help!

back soon

caroline x