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james and I went away this weekend and I wanted to pop to a few shops I don't have locally. I've been quite restrained lately trying to only purchase items that I'll wear often- I've realised that 90% of wardrobe is overlooked in favour of grabbing a basic tee and jeans for daily wear. I guess I'm a creature of habit!

with this in mind I was looking for a few new things to slot into my daily wardrobe and I came away with the following:

breton tee | cos
triangle bra | urban outfitters
BDG mom jeans | urban outfitters
novelty fries tee | zara

breton tee's are a firm staple for me so this was a done deal, cos are definitely my favourite for really good basics in beautiful fabrics. I'd never tried BDG denim so was expecting to hate these but was pleasantly surprised with the fit (when I was at the till I realised they had been reduced which made it a home run!) 

the lightweight cropped jumper is perfect for chillier evenings and james spotted the fries tee- he knows me too well.. danke zara. triangle bras are my absolute favourite style right now and urban outfitters have some lovely ones so I had to nab another.

I also grabbed a few pairs of leggings from forever 21, which for the £3 price are surprisingly good! unlike some stores they're not transparent as soon as you put them on and perfect for lounging about in.

I picked up a few smaller items:

paisley headband | forever 21
ecote make up bag | urban outfitters
honeymania shower gel | the body shop
physiological cleansing gel | la roche-posay

the cleansing gel is my new fave, it's not foaming and quite unlike my other face washes. in fact I find it darn hard to describe- lets just say its gentle and understated which I 100% like.  

the make up bag has pom poms.. I was powerless to resist.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. I think I need to try and restrain myself to buy things I know I will only wear often but it's very hard when I'm trying to change my style recently and trying out some mom jeans are definitely something I want to get and the ones you've picked up look exactly like the pair I've been looking for! I can already picture it with the breton tee you purchased too! I love the block of white round the collar, you really have picked some lovely things, I even love the bra, I wish my boobs were smaller so I could wear them, I'd have a whole draw of those types of bra's if I could haha x

  2. Ha! I'm definitely a creature of habit too. I've been rather good shopping wise so quite proud of myself :) I really like the UO make-up bag. So cute! X


  3. Loooveee all those clothes pieces - and esp that fries top. Too cute! x

  4. Loving the novelty fries tee!!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  5. I love the make up bad. I love everything with a fun jazzy print and loads of colours.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  6. That fries tshirt. Omg so amazing.

    I like that all of the clothes you chose are very neutral. They could go with a lot of different things, that's pretty neat. I have a large wardrobe of all sorts of things but I'm getting better at buying more neutrals to go with everything.

    Peace and love // Celestralite

  7. Everything is so gorgeous. I really like those jeans and striped t-shirt x

  8. Love the look of those mom jeans, that bra is unreal too! X

  9. Love the look of those mom jeans, that bra is unreal too! X

  10. Love this haul! Everything looks amazing! :)

  11. Aaah, that shirt is great!



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