DIY honeycomb shelves

this post has been brewing for an awfully long time.. I have a special talent for forgetting to photograph some of my DIY's!

I must confess the inspiration for this DIY came from one of my favourite stores- tiger. james bought the smaller honeycomb shelf last year when we were on holiday, we packed it into our suitcase and for months it lay around as we didn't have a place to hang it.

I decided to make my own version so we could make a feature out of them and I clean forgot to show you guys!

as you can see the wood grain is a little different, I actually have some stain to use on mine so they match better but I've not got around to using it!

to make these shelves you'll need the following materials:

mitre saw
hammer and nails

before you start you just need to know is that the basic premise is 6 pieces of wood all cut to 30 degree angles!

grab hold of someone with a mitre saw (cough- thanks dad) and take your length of wood.

cut the first 30 degree angle and than flip the wood over and measure out the length you want- from the edge you just cut to where you're going to cut next (my 6 pieces were 7" each) mark with a pencil and make the second 30 degree cut at that line using the mitre saw.

repeat until you have 6 snazzy pieces with nice clean 30 degree cuts! then you just need to assemble them. I use nails not screws and a little wood glue on each joint- if you have a vice or clamp this will help hold everything in place whilst you assemble.

you can leave the shelves bare or stain/paint them- go wild. there's a good tutorial for this shelf on a beautiful mess if you'd like to see pictures of the above steps.

if you want to add a backing (like on the smaller one, you can cut out some thin board to size, paint it and nail it to the back with some small tacks) 

I hope you like them! 

back soon

caroline x