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I'm always on the hunt for prints to hang on my walls (even though I'm fast running out of space to put them..) so when I stumbled across these posters and maps for under £5 I snapped them up in a heartbeat. 

technically they're labelled as decorative wrapping paper but I wouldn't dream of using them to wrap gifts! they're printed on italian paper and the quality is really good. I thought I'd share them in case any of you were looking for something similar!

I found them in paperchase, there were half a dozen designs I liked but at 50x70cm I knew I wouldn't have room for them all so I settled for my favourite 4. they're made by US company cavallini & co (paperchase are a UK stockist) but I think you'll struggle to locate them in smaller paperchase branches. 

I'm guessing not everyone wants maps and anatomical diagrams on their walls (I blame my inner horror film fan for these choices.) other non skeleton designs were on offer..

I couldn't resist the maps, I have a couple already but these are nicer so I'm going to reshuffle my current ones. as they're printed on paper they look really snazzy unframed so I might just leave them as they are...

for £3.50 each I'm pretty darn happy with them! paperchase I actually heart you.

do like them too? if you can't find them in paperchase they have some here on amazon. 

back soon!

caroline x