DIY hanging flower display

I've been hoarding test tubes since I made my hanging vases a few weeks back. I figured I should whip up some kind of flower display with them -they're so dang cool it would be a shame to waste them!

since I have a thing for greenery I thought I'd make a hanging rack with some off cuts of wood I had laying around. I'm pretty pleased with it -beats putting your flowers into a regular old vase huh?


power drill 
and some pretty blooms!

I had some small off cuts of wood which I trimmed down and sanded- my piece measures 46x7cm.  I marked 5 crosses at 7.5cm intervals along the wood so my test tubes would be equally spread. if you're using a bigger/smaller piece of wood than me just divide it up proportionally!

(after you've marked the holes for the test tubes mark for two small crosses at each end of the rack for the string holes.)

you need a drill bit that is the same width to your test tubes so give them a quick measure. mine were approx 2cm wide so I borrowed a 2cm drill bit from my dad. be careful not to drill the holes too wide otherwise your test tubes will simply fall out! 

using a smaller drill bit drill 2 small holes at the end of the rack so you can pass some string through to hang. 

slot in your test tubes, mine were a snug fit so I gently twisted them in, they also had a slight lip at the top which helped hold them in place. if your tubes are a little lose you can use a glue gun to secure them.

take some string and thread it through the 2 small holes at each end to hang your display! oh and add some water to the test tubes (I got so carried away taking pictures I nearly forgot.)

hang it and enjoy. I think it looks pretty neat.

would you be tempted to knock one up too?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. This brings out my inner chemistry geek too. Love it :D
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Ah I LOVE this! Totally trying this out soon.

    1. thanks sophie! tweet me a snap when you do- would love to see! :) xx

  3. Best idea ever! So simple but looks amazing!

  4. I love the simplicity - incredibly pretty, especially with freesias. they smell incredible too - good choice.

    1. thanks katy- I'm a sucker for scented flowers :) xx

  5. what is the bloom used here?

  6. what is the bloom used here?



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