what I wore today: pinks & knits

bare legs..  I must have been feeling brave when I put this ensemble together. I just purchased this little printed dress in the new look sale (probably on sale due it's total unsuitability for the current weather) but I'm still persisting with my summer dresses from sheer stubbornness! it appears black tights, floaty dresses and chunky knits are my current go-to outfit at the minute.

I nabbed this simple but totally cosy cardigan in primark and replaced the rather boring cream buttons for my own shiny military ones that I stumbled across in a local army shop. I also added some studded accessories to edge up the rather girlie pink and cream combo.

dress: new look
lace & pearl collar: new look
cardigan: primark
hat: h&m
studded belt: primark
boots: new look
owl bag: asos

tonight I'm testing out my latest 3 for 2 boots splurge, a mini haul of soap and glory bathing products! I plan to be scrubbed and moisturised to within an inch of my life before I watch tonight's x-factor. I'll probably pop up a little review of them some time this week!

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Another awesome outfit! Your dress is gorgeous, such a lovely colour! Love it! xxx

  2. Very pretty outfit, love the dress, but bare legs? God you're brave!

  3. I absolutely love that dress, it's so pretty and really suits you! x

  4. This outfit looks lovely! Wish I was brave enough to carry on sporting dresses! xx

  5. such beautiful colours! I'm forever sporting bare legs in freezing weather, some outfits just call for it! x

  6. I think I must have some medical disorder as my legs don't ever feel that cold! :D xx



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