DIY custom tint winter lip balm!

it's been ages since I've done a DIY and this is one I've been meaning to do for a few weeks!

I seem to be applying lip balm as often as I breathe this month, I hate having chapped lips! they always stop me wearing lipstick as it look dreadful when my lips are in bad condition (damn you winter!)

I love this DIY as it makes use of all those neglected lipsticks we have lurking about in our handbags plus its so simple and fun!

all you need is an old lipstick, an small empty tin/tub and some lip balms. petroleum jelly is best as it melts easily, vaseline is perfect for this (I'm not certain how other brands would melt!)

now follow these simple steps:

once you've mixed and melted, next comes the pouring..

that's it.. easy peasy eh!

I only used about 1cm of lipstick in mine and it's a very subtle tint (use more if you want a more dramatic shade)

I also had some of the melted balm left over which I poured back into the empty vaseline tin so I actually ended up with two new lip balms! I've been keeping one next to my bed and one in my handbag so I'm covered at all times!

I hope you like it!

(p.s. I wiped out the excess from the mixing bowl with some kitchen roll when the vaseline was still liquid and it cleaned up very easily)

back soon guys! can you believe it's friday already tomorrow...? hurrah!

caroline x


  1. This looks like such a great idea! I am constantly putting on lip balm too and get annoyed I can't wear nice colours because I don't feel as if it moisturisers my lips as well as balms. This looks like something I will be doing this weekend, I love it!

  2. This is an incredible ides! I'll be trying this out as I'm always after something to soothe dry winter lips but I'm such a fan of bold colours too, thankyou! x

  3. Oh this is such a good idea! My lips are so chapped atm ):

    L x

  4. WOW! This is such a simple yet awesome way of making your own, didn't realize it was this simple! Thanks for sharing this one, definitely will be keeping it in mind for presents and my own little enjoyment! Love it! xxx

  5. This is so good! I threw away all my old lipsticks recently in a clear out but I can't wait until I've accumulated some again.

    Elise x

  6. Love this Idea :) xx

  7. I remember doing this years ago lol I think there was a tutorial on a tv show or something.. Not sure which.. Maybe Blue Peter. Anyway, try adding a few drops of strawberry food flavouring to make it super yummy! Xx

  8. Such a great idea. When it is in the Vaseline tin, it looks like any old tinted lip balm. Definitely going to do this!


  9. wooop!!! Glad you guys like it! :) I've been using mine all week kind of tempted to try another colour now aha :D xxxx

  10. This is a really good idea, Where did you get the empty container from?? x

    1. from primark! they sell those travel bottle sets to take in your hand luggage and theres two of the little pots in them! from memory the whole set of empty bottles was only £1 :) xx



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