instagram sunday:

favourite hat this year, an old topshop fur number complete with pompoms! | greedy pre cinema nandos | topshop jewel in the crown nails | vintage dress shopping | my nail wrap designs, more details on this project to come! | yep it's movember time once again | american apparel imperial purple and galaxy glitter nails | sushi | kleenex goodie bags, review to come | fortune cookies, best part of any chinese! | james and I being geeks | primark hat shopping, couldn't resist a pair of novelty reindeer slippers aha | soap and glory splurge, review to follow! | topshop awol geometric nail art | patriotic new kicks! | excited face- yep I was going shopping! | free nails inc polish in glamour magazine, win | janchristie christmas nail stickers, I'll have a post up on these cuties soon! 


  1. Love your geometric nails!

  2. aww love the pics of you and your boyf. cuties :) x

  3. Loving all the nails in this post. I'm a sucker for nails!! x



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