what I wore today: vintage knits

nothing beats frantically scrabbling into cosy knitwear when you peek out from bedroom window and realise you're about to venture fourth into the antarctic (...ok I exaggerate but it's bloody cold out there!)

today I've picked out a chunky vintage jumper and paired it with a denim/tights combo which I've never tried before. tights and shorts always seemed a no no for me in the past but I've always liked it on others so I gave it a whirl. 

I picked up a lovely necklace from topshop this week which is now a firm favourite of mine, I adore heavy gold chains at the minute and this eagle one certainly ticks those boxes! I've found myself buying more accessories than clothes this month; sometimes I'm a little uninspired by winter casual wear so I'm a little more selective than usual (I guess it's all about the party dresses this month!)

jumper: vintage
shorts: h&m
brooch: vintage
eagle necklace: topshop
satchel: primark
nails: models own peach sherbet
lips: diego dalla palma, wicked queen rossetto rosso


  1. I've never thought about putting fancy brooches on lain jumpers/tops etc, I really like how it has added something extra to your outfit.

    Amy xx

  2. Always love your outfit posts! Such a lovely jumper! And the colour of that nail varnish is beautiful! xxx

  3. perfect outfit! especially love your boots <3


  4. Hi dear!
    I love ur style!
    such a wonderful blog

  5. ah thanks girls! <3 you all xx



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