handmade christmas card DIY!

so yesterdays agenda involved playing michael buble's christmas album and making christmas cards (yes a veritable festive cheese fest) 

I love card making, I haven't bought xmas cards for years, handmade ones are always so well received and I get to have a little fun with the creative process to boot! I'm always collecting bits & bobs to make mine so these ones pictured are a mix of items I've purchased over the last few years. 

you'll need some blank cards/envelopes in various colours, I get mine from hobbycraft, they have a pretty big selection! there are hundreds of decorations available in there too, picking what I put on the cards is the fun part for me! most of mine I simple glue on or use double sided foam pads to attach. I also secretly love buying the little fluffy balls which I use for hat poms poms or noses aha (childish)

some of the festive cartoon characters I've used on mine were from a paperchase card making kit that I picked up last year, paperchase is a great shop for cute little 3D foam stickers that I often use on birthday cards as well.

if you're tempted to make some of your own I'd recommend looking in both shops I've mentioned and/or your local craft shops (also etsy which is a great online craft supply destination but it may be a little too close to christmas for their shipping!)

have you ever made your own christmas cards? are any of you tempted?

caroline x


  1. Your Christmas cards look lovely! So adorable! xxx

  2. So cute!! xx


  3. I reckon that Christmas is the one time that Michael Buble really finds his own! This December has taught me that I can't stand him UNLESS he's singing a song about santa, reindeer, or snow. Or all three.

    Buble aside, I LOVE the Christmas cards you made! They'd make a great activity to do with kids and they're adorable :)

  4. I love these cards! I may have to attempt making my own christmas cards nxt year, I wasted about 2 hrs of my life crammed like a sardine into Clinton cards today. Hot, sweaty & the cards I emerged with were nowhere near as nice as these.xxx

  5. These are lovely :)

    I might make my own next year! xx

  6. yay, I hope you try them next year guys! I think 12 months is enough notice aha! ;) xx



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