how to: christmas snowman nail art!

well I couldn't do a christmas nail month without painting some snowmen..

so here's my latest festive offering; frosty the snowman eat your heart out! 

I decided to just paint one nail today and have some snowflakes thrown in as well, but you can paint as many as you like! I think I'm going to try out some christmas tree nails at the weekend (earlier this week I went to buy a real tree and decided that I had to include them in my xmas nail party!)

so here is the basic step by step you can follow!

first off I painted a base of beth's blue from models own and then got out my nail art pens for the following details..

that's it folks!

hope some of you try them! (I've loved seeing your penguins & reindeer's pictures so far!!)

back soon gang!

caroline x


  1. This is possibly my favourite so far! Can i ask what nail pens you use? I have some but they're pretty rubbish and you always get such fab results with yours!

    1. ah thanks babe! yes of course I use a mix of models own nail art pens and rio beauty nail art pens (both are exactly the same design with a striper for lines and a nib for dotting, the quality of both is really good I'd recommend them equally!)xx

  2. Absolutely amazing! Love it! The snowflakes are gorgeous, and the snowman is adorable! xxx

    1. ahh thanks kitten! :) glad you like them!!! xxx

  3. Your nails always look AMAZING! I loooove the snow man ones so Christmassy :) if I tried to do it trust me it would just look like a weird splodge haha xxx

  4. THese are amazballs! OMG why cant I not do nailart like you?? :( I love every nail art you ever do!
    Sofia x

  5. lovely as always! I always admire your work :)
    I made the christmassy nail art too..




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