what I wore: the pink coat

pink mohair boyfriend coat: new look (may still be in store)
jeans: topshop
oh crepe tee: h&m
rucksack: c/o la moda
ashleigh cut out boots: topshop

hi, my name's caroline and I have an obsession with pastel coats.

I've been stalking them all season (pink ones in particular) and a few weeks back I finally found a winner. 

here's something nobody mentioned... the overwhelming danger of STAINS.

running a daily risk assessment's on how to enter my car without touching the sides ....backing away in morbid fear as my 3yr old niece charges towards me with sticky ice cream hands and GOD FORBID anyone brushes against me without a full inspection of cleanliness. yep, all of a sudden the world is a more dangerous place.

the upside? 

...it's worth every fluffy pink fearful minute! 

caroline x

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