kirstie allsopp vintage stationery collection:

nothing excites me more than the arrival of a new batch of STATIONERY!! 

I won't lie a slight squeal accompanied the sight of the new kirstie allsopp stationery range from ryman.. it's an absolute beauty.

vintage inspired floral motifs reminiscent of old patchwork quilts and pastel hues had me itching to put pen to paper.
there is quite a selection from vintage ball point pens to little notebooks the perfect size to slip in your handbag.
the box file is seriously pretty with it's pink ribbon and clashing ditsy print patterns, I've thrown in all my loose paperwork to keep my desk tidy! 
I think my favourite piece is this notebook, the cover is just so gorgeous.. I'll be writing many a list in this puppy (if I ever get around to flexing some culinary muscle I'd be tempted to use this to write down some recipes)
a magazine file for all my fashion mags (also rather handy for hiding *ahem* storing those pesky household bills)
this 7 day planner is a blogging godsend! I know the other members of the 'to do list' fan club will enjoy this little rascal.. 

the whole collection is so darn pretty. as a lover of ditsy florals, shabby chic and all things vintage I think my little brain just imploded with excitement 

I'm not sure I'll ever shake my nerdy obsession with notebooks and this collection hasn't helped; if you want a closer look I'd recommend popping over to ryman to snap up something here as availability in store is limited... consider yourself warned!

do you like the look of this collection too?

caroline x


  1. Oh wow, these are to die for!

    Clair x

  2. I have the to do lists and love them! This post makes me want the rest :') xx

  3. I think I'm in heaven! That notebook is just beautiful! x

  4. This is all so cute! I've been on the lookout for a new notebook for writing inspirational quotes in, for ages and these look perfect. And the to-do list would be great for organising my life! And the magazine file, and storage box...

    Lauren |

  5. Seriously adorable!
    I'm also a sucker for cute stationary bits - paperchase always being a clear fav.


  6. The notebook and day planner will be mine, they are lovely :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. My local store doesn't have this in :( booo! x

  7. I'm a sucker for stationary. All of this is so pretty!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  8. LOVE the to do list! So cute!
    Shelley xx



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