the renunail 3 step treatment for longer nails:

I've been on trial for a month.. not of the criminal variety (I'm not that rock 'n' roll) but a 3 step calcium enriched nail strengthening formula called renunail

I'm always looking for a holy grail product so I was quite eager to give this one a whirl..
before I started I cut down my nails completely as it was the easiest way to keep track of the growth and really see if this product works! with renunail you apply 2 coats of the strengthening formula on day 1 then another coat daily for 5 days building up the layers (..or if you're like me you'll forget day 3 and panic apply double the amount on day 4 etc etc)

on day 7 remove all the layers and begin again! (keep that routine up for another three weeks) after this 4 week period you take a two week break (you can continue using the sensitive version during this fortnight or just leave your nails to rest.) 

at any point you can liberally apply the nourishing oil to your cuticles (I always did this as I adore cuticle oil!!)
this is my nails after 5 weeks, as you can see they are now much longer again yippee (I would show you them without polish but my nails are all stained from swatching polishes)

I am lucky as my nails do tend to grow quite quickly (possibly due to my unhealthy addiction to eating cheese?) they are however fatally weak and prone to breaking (I can literally bend my nails over to touch my fingers when they get long) I have noticed that they aren't as prone to bending or splitting now.. hurrah! 

I'm impressed with this formula, it's definitely right up there with opi nail envy which is the product I would have previously recommend to people who are trying to grow out their nails. If you use this religiously and make the effort to keep up the routine daily then after a month I think the effort pays off (the bottle of formula is also pretty whopping at 30ml so it'll last you for an absolute age!!)

all in all if you've been struggling to grow or maintain your nails this could be one for you! everyone I've spoken too has different experiences with their nails but for me I've always found that if you give your nails a little lovin' it does pay off.. you just have to give it a little time! 

have you tired the renunail 3 step treatment? how did you get on?

caroline x


  1. This looks really good, i have the same problem as you in that my nails grow quick but are very brittle
    abi from a little dust

  2. My nails are so prone to breaking, may give this a try too!



  3. This looks good i think i might have to give it a try!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  4. Woah what fantastic results! I may have to look into this for my poor nails.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing



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