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here's some of the little treasures I'm lovin' this week:

cuter than cute I can't see how you can go wrong with a fifi lapin iPhone case and boy do iconemesis have a lot to choose from. I took a good hour to decide which one was THE one (this gemma correll unicorn case came a close second) but I'm really happy I opted for the lapin as it's quite simply adorable. 

my last case has been thoroughly abused due to me being a serial dropper so it's nice to have a shiny new one to admire. big thumbs up!

I can't not look at this set without thinking it would be the perfect little stocking filler.. it has two gorgeous autumn shades rolled into one bite sized package. I'd never used mavala polishes before and I liked these- the red is a classic festive shade and nude is my most worn colour over winter so this is a pretty darn good combo for me (I'm certain most of the girls I know would like to get one of these little sets) they come in a range of colours which you can catch here

I also love that mavala is a swiss brand, if they can master chocolate..

I've been meaning to get one of these chunky liners for a while; I finally dropped one into the shopping basket and surprise surprise I've worn it everyday for the last week. 

it's not the worlds greatest eyeliner but the big felt pen like nib makes application fast, precise and smooth. it also lasts the distance (I may have slept in my eyeliner.. all for the good of the review of course *ahem*) the only place it wears off is around my inner eyes as I'm forever forgetting about my make up and rubbing at my eyes, my bad.

 all in all I give it a little hi 5! a goodie for alexa chung-esq eye flicks...

it's taken me a while to get around to trying these false nails as these are a short set (which were too small to cover my nails) but after breaking most of my natural nails whilst hauling furniture to the new house I finally found the right time to test them out! the uv gel technology gives a chip resistant glossy and perfectly clean finish, I particular like the nude nails which just look effortless. they come with adhesive tabs which are easy to apply but didn't last a week for me (I'd recommend using regular nail glue for a longer result if you're a falsie wearer)

 their henry holland collaboration is super duper.. go peek.

laziest accessory choice ever.. which is quite possibly why I love big chunky chains so much. 

pop them over a jumper and you're good to go.. I'm trying and failing to not lust after their jewelley offerings online at the minute. a good necklace can fool most people into thinking you've made an effort, I may have to get one of two more statement pieces to dress up my winter garms. I might even delve into the world of tatty devine and pick up a perspex number (it's painfully hard to resist gawping over their emails) 

the unexpected bonus of living with a boy.. raiding their secret stash of toiletries. who knew?
howdy new scrubby bar of my dreams! peppery rough goodness that smells GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT. 

I'm counting on you to keep this soapy robbery quiet. I'll hand it back eventually.... honest.

have you tried any of the above? which is your favourite?

caroline x


  1. Alexa Chung-esque cat eye liner is always a big thumbs up!



  2. That phone case is so cute :) I wish they made nicer ones for us Samsung Galaxy owners!

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Adore the Mavala duos and your phone case is so cute x

  4. The phone case is so adorable

  5. the phone case is so cute! I've tried the elegant touch nails but I had to take them off straight away as they felt strange.. I'm not really a fan of falsies haha

  6. ADORE your phone case, need that in my life!

  7. Your phone case is so cute and I love that chunky gold chain. I am obsessed with mine x

  8. That phone case is just too cute, so so adorable! x

  9. I love chunky gold chains they're my favourite types of necklaces to wear at the moment!

  10. Love the layout of your photos!



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