what's in my bag: skincare heroes

I've been meaning to write this post for a while.. 

I made a decision to clean up my act when it came to looking after my skin and it's really starting to pay off. my skin feels more hydrated, my make up looks better and breakouts are few and far between. I introduced a few newbies into my regime and they have quickly become my go-to products.
first up I have to show you my new wash bag* from catseye london; it's a roomy little number that has become my current place to stash all my skincare! they have the most awesome range of quirky and kitch designs which are available in bags, home decor and even stationery (personal fave!)
there were so many designs from pups to vintage ladies it took me a while to decide but I eventually opted for this kooky doll bag because I'm a big kid and it made me chuckle! you can see their ranges here if you're after some christmas gift inspo..

so what's in my bag? I use all of the following products on rotation (I switch between some on alternate days) these are my definite must have items for brighter more glowing skin:
alpha h liquid gold:  this glycolic acid containing wonder product is one I use every other day; it leaves my face tingling which always makes me feel like it's working some kind of magic! designed to treat minor skin complaints just apply with a cotton pad after cleansing and before moisturiser (or you can wear it alone as an intensive overnight treatment) one for that elusive glowing complexion
hydraluron: this little serum with it's hyaluronic acid increases the skins ability to hold moisture thus giving you more re-hydrated skin.. winner! (hydraluron is a vehicle to help your skin retain moisture ..you still need to slap on the moisturiser after!) I was expecting to wake up with plump hydrated skin the day after using this so was disappointed at first... the only time I realise how good this is is when I stop using it and my skin takes a nosedive! 
ren t-zone balancing day fluid: a simple light and non irritating moisturiser, I also have the facial wash in this range and they are a great duo. I really want to try some more ren products (especially the masks)
estee lauder advanced night repair* I can not express how much I seriously LOVE this product (it comes with a pipette so it's immediately brings back fun memories of science class) pipette fun aside this is one of the products that I think has really boosted my skin,  nourishing and luxurious I apply this without fail most evenings. there's a reason this is a classic in the skincare world.. it's a keeper. 
(I have the 100ml size from world duty free- it's a travel exclusive and will last me at least another year maybe even longer if my bf stops stealing it!) 
clarins one step facial cleanser: a good all round cleanser to remove the make up residue in my cleansing routine. I would be more than happy to repurchase this one although I am tempted to switch over to the exfoliating cleanser or pixi glow tonic (if I can ever find a bottle!) 
dermalogica daily microfoliant*  I'm still using this from my harvey nichols beauty bag, it lasts for ages! this is my absolute favourite for sloughing off dead skin! the most gentle non invasive powder you mix it with water to create a paste so it's perfect even when my skin is at it's most sensitive. if I use this in the morning before I apply my make up I guarantee my foundation applies better and stays put longer. 
clarins beauty lash balm* at first this threw me; it was richer and heavier than I'd anticipated and the instructions not to rub it in left me scratching my head in confusion? jesus how do you apply moisturiser without rubbing it in? (eventually I just rubbed a small amount between my hands and just patted it on.) commonly used to prime skin before make up; I find it takes too long to sink it so I tend to use this at night instead. 
smiths rosebud salve: always left within reach of my skincare to sooth my chapped lips overnight; a lovely little multi use balm that I may have to transfer into my handbag now winter has arrived (a good one to pat onto cheek for a lovely dewy finish too!)
so these are my skincare saviours, I've found after a few months of using these products my skin has taken a turn for better! I hope you've found this post helpful.. have you tried any of them?

if you have any recommendations let me know; I'm thinking of popping a few skincare products on my christmas list this year!

caroline x


  1. Great products. And love the makeup bag! :)

  2. I've heard such good things about the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, I may have to give it a try now!

    Tiny Alis.

  3. Must try the Estee Lauder serum! I've only heard good things~



  4. I keep forgetting to buy Hydraluron, I was in Boots today aswell! D'oh! I need it in my life! x

  5. I really want the night repair, it's just so darn pricey :( it sounds like a wonderful product though :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing



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