I've been a fan of heavily embellished nails for a few months now. I wanted to incorporate my love of the baroque trend with the current fashion for 3D nails.. hence these totally over the top nails were born!

possibly not the most practical nails but definitely fun and perfect for all those festive parties we've got coming up (I'd wear these with a little black dress and lots of gold toned arm candy!)

so the main base for these is a beautiful gold polish from models own called gold rush. I actually wore this a lot last christmas and it's still perfect shade for autumn/winter glamour.

you may want to invest in a nail stud and gem kit for this; the one I've used is from misguided and has a great selection of studs, pearls, caviar and gems.

start by applying your gold base and leave to dry; now it's time to build up your textures! using a drop of clear polish as glue secure a selection of pearls, gems and studs to the tip of your nails.

build up the 3D effect by scattering some gold caviar balls around the gems and fix on some additional rhinestones with clear polish. once you are happy with your embellishment seal everything with two coats of clear top coat!

I hope you like them!

caroline x


  1. I love this :),
    Do you have any tips on making the gems stay on for longer??

    xoxo Rose.


    1. you could try sticking them on with nail glue? I don't want to damage my nails so I use polish but if you have base coat on you'd probably be ok!! You can also put the gems the other way round with the gems at the cuticle end as they don't get caught as easily at the nail base :) xx

  2. Wow I love this! I am going to have to give it a try - although I doubt mine will look that good :)

    xx Sarah


  3. Ah looks lovely. I've been wanting to get some gems and bits for my nails for ages!

    1. I defo recommend this kit, it has a bit of everything :) xx

  4. oh lord, these are amazing! you have such good imagination to create these and they're stunning! definietly want to try something like this :) xxxx

    1. thanks jennie xx get involved they are so ott.. I love them aha :) xx

  5. These nails are amazing! I love gold and the jewels just finish it off! Good work hunni!

    NCCB x


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