what I wore today: vintage florals

sigh, I've had a pretty rubbish day! I attended a speed awareness course after I got a ticket speeding in my car on my way to primark.. sob. 

it was the lesser of two evils; I really didn't want any points on my license and I shall now drive like a pensioner after my four hour slap on the wrists! lesson learnt!

on a happier note I went shopping at the weekend with my lovely sister.. after a slice of cake and gossip we went vintage hunting and I found this rather kitsch little dress.

I have to come clean; I have a secret love for shoulder pads! I had to buy this dress once I realised it had them.. maybe because its reminds me of when I used to play dress up in my mum's clothes but I can never resist a hint of 80's power dressing! 

I bought a few little pieces of jewellery from topshop including the cross ring and necklace that I'm wearing. sometimes when I feel the urge to shop a little accessory purchase gets me through until my bank balance is looking healthier! I also tried out another one of their nail polishes called jewel in the crown (pictured) I really liked this shade until it came to removing it and my fingers stained green!!

green finger drama aside I think I may pop up a few swatches of the nail polishes I've bought recently as I have a few new models own glitters that I think you guys may like!

dress: vintage
belt: primark
boots: new look
tapestry bag: topshop (old)
cross ring and necklace: both topshop
bangles: stella amore

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Lovely lovely outfit! Love it! Your dress is gorgeous! And you have the most amazing jewelry! xxx

  2. I adore your dress! And my dad had to go to a speeding awareness thing - luckily I never got caught when I was driving too fast (I haven't driven properly in years, boo!) x

  3. You look super pretty, love the nails and that floral print dress ♥

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  4. lovely outfit!!! you look so pretty

    Nafisah xo

    www.bamblingsofnaffy.blogspot.co.uk xo

  5. I love this dress it looks lovely on you!

    If you get a few wee minutes spare please come and check out my latest post :)




  6. thanks guys! I wasn't sure anyone but me would like that dress haha :) xx

  7. I absolutely adore your dress! I never seem to have too much luck with vintage shopping, being awkwardly proportioned and not being a dab-hand with the ol' sewing machine. What a find! xx

    1. it's so hit and miss isn't it! I was shocked that this fit so well.. :) keep hunting every now and again you find a gem :) xx

  8. I also really love shoulder pads. Lots of people seem to buy vintage items with the aim of taking the shoulder pads out, whereas I get excited by them, like you! Great vintage find.

    Elise x


    1. pow! team shoulder pad! can't get enough in my life ;) xx

  9. so cute!! i love that dress and the way you paired it with a black belt and boots makes it look so tough and cool :)




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