DIY concrete paperweights

how to make a concrete paperweight | DIY project

i'm actually melting at my desk this week- wowzers it's hot. todays DIY is a super quick one cause i want to get outside and hunt down some ice cream! 

a few weeks ago i made some concrete vases (remember those?) well after i'd finished dipping them i had a leftover container of wet cement. i didn't really want to waste it so i hunted in my cupboards for something i could use it with.

...see where i'm going here?

concrete alphabet DIY projects

cue my alphabet mould! i basically poured all the wet cement into the letters- easy peasy.

personalised gift ideas

the mix was just dry cement and water, the cement cures in a day or two but i left mine a good week before i removed the letters (just to be extra sure i wouldn't snap them!) 

concrete  DIY projects
how to make concrete letters

i love these little concrete letters, i'm using mine as paperweights cause i always have loads of notes and press releases cluttering up my desk. 

definitely a fun way to use up a leftover batch of cement!

do you like them?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Ah these are great, I love how personal they are but so industrial too! Now I need to buy some concrete mix... x

  2. These are soo cute! I love that you can make so many things with concrete!

  3. Not sure which one to pin - they are all so gorgeous!

  4. I'm going to put leaves in my mold first, then the cement, then a little wire to hang...take home favors for Thanksgiving. Love the tip. Thanks

  5. I love this! They look really great! I have to try this!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM // Enter My Giveaway!

  6. this looks so cool, I had never thought of it! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  7. Definitely love this DIY, you come up with the best ideas x

    Millie x

  8. Love these so much and they are so easy to make as well!

  9. What a cute and unique idea! x

    Erin |

  10. Would love to know where you got your alphabet mold from! It's so good.

    1. argh sorry I meant to add a link into the post- i've just updated it (it's from amazon- there are lots of types and they go in and out of stock so have a good hunt on there!)


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