hello weekend

i'm heading to brighton this weekend - yay. can you believe i've never been before? i'm so excited to see the pier, eat ice cream and hunt out all the cute vintage shops... if you have any recommendations let me know! when we return we're going to tackle painting the exterior extension at the back of the house. we're not crazy about the colour of the bricks so we're gonna steam ahead and paint them white before we change our minds.. fingers crossed we don't regret it!

hope you have a wicked weekend..

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caroline x


  1. have a great weekend in brighton. ive never been either but Im planning a trip with some friends for october and Im so excited!


  2. Hope you have a great trip, and good luck to painting when you get back x

    Millie x

    1. thanks you- we survived the painting (just!) haha :)

  3. Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world, to be honest. Hope you'll have a wonderful time!

    Hugs, Hannie from Missing Wanderer

    1. hannie i had the best time- can't wait to go back :))

    2. hannie i had the best time- can't wait to go back :))


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