DIY pom pom straw bag (2 ways)

modern pom pom straw bag tutorial

i dare not jinx it but it appears summer may have finally arrived here in the uk- hurrah! high on my 'to do' list is a trip to the seaside whilst this mini heatwave lasts. i'll need a cute little beach bag for the occasion... am i right?

cue this little straw number! i picked up a plain bag in the h&m sale last week, it was screaming out for a few furry additions so i made a big batch of pom poms to decorate it. i got so carried away i made two versions that i wanted to share with you.

the first version is the simple black pom pom bag inspired by this monki bag i spied on asos. this is a really easy make!

1. take some black wool and make a batch of pom poms using this easy tutorial.

2. when you tie the string around the pom pom before removing it from the pom pom maker use an extra long piece so you have two excess lengths of wool hanging from the pom poms. (as in photo above!)

3. feed the two long pieces of wool around a piece/row of straw and tie them in a knot to attach the poms poms to the bag. trim the excess and repeat for all pom poms.

minimal pom pom beach bag DIY

i love that's it's fun but still quite minimal for a pom pom bag!

pom pom summer bag diy

for the second bag i just went all out colourful! 

1. make a big batch of poms poms with this tutorial. i like them to be various sizes and colours (for two tone poms poms alternate the colour of wool you wrap around.)

2. grab some fine string/coloured twine and a wool needle and thread the pom poms together. i hung my row of poms poms like a giant charm over the arm of my bag and secured them with a little knot. 

giant pom pom bag tutorial
pom pom beach straw bag tutorial i just need to get to the beach!

which one is your favourite?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Love this, such a cute idea x

    Millie x

  2. Love this! I keep seeing pom-poms everywhere and I think they make such a fun DIY. I see straw bags at my local thrift shop all the time and this would be the perfect little project to showcase at a fun event. Thank you for sharing! My fav is definitely the colorful one:)

    1. so happy you like this idea! i think most things are cute with pom poms right? ha :)

  3. If you are looking for pretty straw baskets



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