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i feel like the creative community is seriously killing it at the minute- do you agree? since i started blogging i've found myself working alongside incredibly talented and innovative makers and it's been an unbelievably inspiring process.

just over a year ago i decided to focus on the element that gave me the most satisfaction in blogging, sharing my DIY'S and craft projects. i've always loved making things (even why they go wrong!) but seeing people try my projects brings a whole new level of happiness into the mix. it's also made me more aware of the other makers out there doing their thing.

as you know Etsy is a huge marketplace- one that's full of independent entrepreneurs and people looking for unique products. a place where millions of people connect to make, sell and buy. it's brimming with handmade items and the perfect place to lose a few hours hunting for that perfect gift. i'm sharing some of my favourite retailers with you today... and introducing another avenue for your creativity- selling your makes! 

unique ceramics- home decor
macrame wall hanging

macrame wall hanging* | tent living

items like the spiky ceramic planter and macrame wall hanging are exactly what i look for when i'm buying independent, they're quirky and personal, i love to read about the craftspeople that are creating them. some of my favourite etsy discoveries have been simple items like the seagrass baskets i use as planters and the digital art prints i have framed in my bedroom, there's so much variety in the community.

Etsy have just launched their design awards to celebrate and support the best of design across the uk and ireland. there are a range of categories and the prizes are a little bit whoa- from a £10,000 grant for the people choice winner to an opportunity to stock your items in john lewis! smaller prizes include 5 chances to snag a £2,500 small business grant, exhibiting at TENT london and the london design festival.

etsy homewares- home decor blog

candle | hopscotch london

macrame hanging from etsy

gold wire ampersand* | the letter loft
seagrass basket* | peastyle
wall hanging | tent living

i'm sure i'm not the only person who likes to be their own boss, to have the flexibility to set my own hours and be motivated to come up with new ideas. i know a lot of you enjoy making so if you've been thinking about selling your work now is a great time (...don't tell anyone but you can nab 20 free listings!)

if you have a secret talent for weaving, a gift for hand lettering or even a knack for making candles why not consider profiting from it? simply set up shop to get involved in the #etsyawards here.

i'd love to see what you're making and selling so shout me if you're involved!

back soon

caroline x

*post in collaboration with Esty, all love of spiky planters and wall hangings my own!


  1. Such a lovely post x

    Millie x

    1. thanks so much for stopping by millie! :) x

  2. i think you are right about individual makers having their moment - owning something needs to mean more than just popping to the nearest mall. And internet is the tool to make it happen. I could never have imagined selling anything to anybody without Etsy. My passionis handmade books, which led me to branch out into illustration, so Etsy now is my shout out for cards, prints and my original love, the books. Would love you to see what I do. My etsy store is here and having the bug to create I widened my net to include print on demand sites. My links are all at . Hope to see you there!

    1. thanks so much anne! your books are lovely- the stitching is amazing! it really does feel so good to buy independent and support other makers. I know mass produced items are cheaper but there is no sentiment in them- people really invest so much time, energy and materials (not counting the overheads) into handmade items so it's worth every penny! wish you all the best with your shop :) x

    2. thank you so much for looking. I am so lucky to have enough time to fulfil some of that creative urge!
      Kind regards




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