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it's kinda been forever since i shared an outfit post with you guys! now that spring's arrived i might venture out of hibernation (every now and again.) i'm starting to get excited at the prospect of actual sun and bare leg weather.. whoa steady on.

so you know when you see something and you absolutely NEED to own it? well that was my initial impression with this zara bomber. i first saw it on their instagram only to discover it had sold out in minutes (gah) but much to my delight the little rascal was restocked and well.. the rest is history! i always add pins and patches to my vintage jackets so finding a bomber plastered in them was a total win for me. 

these high waited asos ripped jeans are ridiculously comfy and quite stretchy for a mom jean? i found my usual size a little long so i hacked the bottom off with some scissors. (i guess a normal person would swap them for a different leg length but i'm a stupidly impatient shopper.)

these pumps from daniel footwear are an absolute beauty,  i opted for a neutral shade so i can mix and match them with lots of other outfits. i'm happy to report not a single blister since i've started wearing them which is SO rare for me and my tissue paper thin skin (thank you comfy feet gods!)

since i bought this jacket i've found another 1167 bombers i adore. the selection on asos and topshop are killing me a little so i've banned myself from looking at them.. i give it 24hrs. 

..damn you temptation.

back soon!

caroline x

bag | topshop
mtv cropped tee | topshop
reptile pumps | daniel footwear c/o
fluffy keyring | topshop


  1. I love your jacket! It looks so good on you! I also love your pumps, I have a similar pair from River Island!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. That bomber jacket is just super cute! This is such a lovely outfit, just gorgeous x

  3. Beautiful, such a relaxed but stylish look, perfect for the weekend!x

  4. That's such a bad-ass outfit, so awesome!

    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  5. Ah no wonder you snapped that bomber up - what a beauty!
    A Story of a Girl

    1. it's wicked isn't it!! all the badges haha :)

  6. Loving this simple look, especially the jeans x

    Millie x

    1. thanks millie- liking asos denim right now! :)



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