DIY speckled tableware

how to paint tableware

if you're a sucker for an easy makeover then i have the project for you- speckled plates! my cupboards are filled with boring white dinnerware and i wanted to try my hand at another plate painting project. (plus it was a great excuse to eat ALL the olives and mozzarella, mmm.)

the last time i painted plates i used an abstract brushstroke design and i loved how simple it was, well this version is even more minimal so if you're into all things monochrome read on and I'll show you how to make them!

painted tableware tutorial
how to paint ceramics


cling wrap
plain white plates/cups/bowls
paintbrush or an old toothbrush

how to makeover dinner plates

1. first you need to cover up half your plate so it stays free from paint. cover half of the plate with cling film then apply a strip of sellotape/masking tape down the middle to keep it in place. this line of tape will give you a nice clean line once it's removed.

cover your work surface with newspaper so it doesn't get covered with paint spatter (you'll be surprised how far paint can spray!)

DIY speckled ceramic plate tutorial

2. dip your brush head into the paint, point it at the plate and drag your finger or thumb over the bristles to splatter the paint onto the surface. keep going until you're happy with the pattern! alternate between spraying closer/further away to vary the size of the droplets.

3. remove the cling film and sellotape and bake your plates in the oven to finish (follow the manufacturers instructions.) don't take them out of the oven when the time is up, switch off your oven and let them cool down slowly before you remove them.

how to paint ceramics and porcelain

pile up your snazzy new plates with lots of treats..

tutorial for paint speckled tableware
DIY tutorial for ceramic paint

seriously though, how easy it this project? i also speckled some cups to match but i forgot to take any pictures of them (you might spot a little of them in the above photos if you look closely.) 

modern ceramic tableware dinner party

i'm really pleased with how they turned out (not so pleased i ate all of the props.)

back soon!

caroline x


  1. This is such a beautiful DIY!! Really dramatic x

    Millie x

  2. Love this! It is going straight on my DIY pinterest board

  3. This is one of the coolest DIYs I've seen in a while. LOVE.


  4. These are amazing, I bet they would look amazing done with a bright turquoise!

    Maria xxx

  5. This is such a great idea! The plates look gorgeous :)

  6. These plates look amazing!! Seriously tempted to have a go!

  7. This looks fantastic , can't wait to try

  8. WOW! This is so cool! But is it safe to serve hot food in these? I mean, aren't these colors toxic or something?

    1. no as long as you use ceramic paints that bake in the oven- most are food safe! :)

  9. Hi Caroline! I posted this question on your abstract brushstroke plate post too. Would you provide info on the type of plate you used, please? I'm excited to read more of your blog!

  10. hi! Would this be dishwasher safe?

  11. Hi! LOVE these and I am 100% going to make them but my local dollarstore only has stoneware plates, will that work the same as porcelain? Im not sure what the difference is & they look the same to me!



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