DIY desk terrarium

how to make a terrarium

i love terrariums, i guess i have a weakness for succulents but they're such a cute way to display them! they're the most low maintenance plants ever and it's incredibly simple to put together your own terrarium at home.

i like glass terrariums but they can be a little expensive- it never occurred to me to use clear acrylic before. i bought some new pots for my pens recently and realised they would be a really inexpensive terrarium hack!

DIY acrylic terrarium @burkatron

i put together a guide for building terrariums here so i'll just give you a quick run through on how i made this mini version for my desk..

mini desk terrarium how to
terrarium- what you need to make one



easy terrarium project

1. fill the bottom of the pen pot with sand (you can add some gravel into the sand for extra drainage.)

DIY acrylic terrarium

2. level off the sand then transfer the succulent into the pot. top up with compost until it reaches the stem of the plant.

desk terrarium

3. add in a layer of gravel to finish, i just pinched some from my garden!

diy terrarium- how to
acrylic pencil pot terrarium

as you can see it's a very quick little terrarium that looks super cute on my desk! there's a great selection of acrylic storage online in various shapes and sizes, from amazon to muji. 

this one cost less than £5 to make including the plant.. winner!

minimal desk terrarium with acrylic

succulents don't like too much water so just give your terrarium a spritz with a water sprayer when it looks dry during the growing season. 

would you try this?

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caroline x 


  1. How cute! I have to try ;)
    Desi |

  2. This looks absolutely amazing x

    Millie x

    1. so glad you like- hope you try it millie :)

  3. Been after a little addition like this to my vanity! Thanks! <3

  4. So cool! Love it

  5. This is too cute! I've been wanting to make a terrarium for a wee while now and this was just the inspiration I need - thanks!

    Becky x |

  6. This is so cute! I never thought to make a terrarium in a square pot - I've always thought it would be expensive but this looks so easy and cheap! I need one for my desk at home and at work!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  7. This is really very helpful. I also love succulents and I've been wondering how to aesthetically display those lovelies inside our home. Now I've finally got an idea. Thank you!

    - Aryce from

  8. Such a cute diy to add to my desk! I just had to add it to my latest round up:



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